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When you need stump removal for your Katy, TX property, rely on our tree services company! Tree stumps can become nothing more than eyesores on your property if left to fester. Not to mention they can be dangerous to passersby and a nuisance for lawn care. But with our Katy stump grinding professionals on the job, those stumps can be a thing of the past in no time! We have the latest stump grinders and cutting-edge equipment to take care of the job safely and efficiently. Here is a brief description of what our stump grinding services entail:

  • Cutting the stump to ground level for simple removal.
  • Removing the entire stump including the root system.
  • Using the latest and most-efficient equipment to grind the stump into mulch.
  • Spreading the nutrient-rich mulch around your property or hauling away so you don’t have to deal with it.

An amateur tree service may take on the task of grinding stumps down on your property but they probably won’t do it properly. They may leave debris on your property or even leave part of the stump behind when they are done, which can be even more dangerous than it was before. Don’t waste your time with those inexperienced stump grinding amateurs. Rely on our Katy tree service company for years of experience working on any type of terrain, removing even the most stubborn stumps with ease.

Katy, TX Expert Stump Grinding, Tree Removal & More!

We are proud to serve both commercial and residential customers throughout the area with stump removal services to bring your property back to top form. We know the importance of having a clean, professional appearance and we do our best to keep every green space in Katy vibrant. Aside from stump grinding, we provide a number of tree-related services to our community including the following:

…And many more!

Our Katy tree services company is the most reputable tree service company in the area and we provide some of the best results around. We are committed to making your property its best yet and we do so with your budget in mind! Our tree company has the most competitive prices for our services. We also provide free estimates for our services so you know exactly what to expect from us. We don’t believe in fixed prices, so we’ll create a custom service plan to include your stump removal project and any other services you need. Our goal is reach absolute customer service, and we hope to achieve that with our combination of expertise and affordability!

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Rid your Katy, Texas property of stubborn stumps right away! You can contact our courteous staff by phone at (281) 769-8443 or e-mail katy@premieretreeservices.com. You can also fill out the contact form on this page for one of our representatives to contact you about the tree services that you need.

You won’t find a more experienced or caring tree service company in the Katy, TX area. We are trusted throughout the community and we are proud to serve surrounding areas as well, including The Woodlands, Pearland, Cypress, Houston, Baytown, and more.

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